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“To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.”  (A C Grayling,)

“Writing is equally important as it allows trapped thoughts in your mind to spill out and take a shape that you may not be able to see by thinking alone, or if you have no one to share your thoughts with by talking.” The inspiration of many a Author, is Gods Holy Spirit, who inspired the writing of Gods Holy word, by some of the worlds greatest authors.

Below are authors who are friends of  Active Mind Body and Soul. We encourage other author’s who have also been inspired by God to submit your books in our Authors contact section at the bottom of the page.





The African American Entrepreneur by W. Sherman Rogers

The African American Entrepreneur by W. Sherman Rogers

The African American Entrepreneur: Then and Now explores the lower economic status of black Americans in light of America’s legacy of slavery, segregation, and rampant discrimination. Its main purpose is to shine a light on the legal, historical, sociological and political factors that together help to explain the economic condition of black people in America from their arrival in America to the present. In the process, the book spotlights the many amazing breakthroughs made by black entrepreneurs even before the Civil War and Emancipation. Profiles of business people from the Post-civil War period through today include Booker T. Washington, pioneer banker and insurer A.G. Gaston, hair care entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker, Ebony publisher John H. Johnson, Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson, publisher Earl Graves, music producer Damon Dash, rapper Sean Combs, former basketball stars Dave Bing and Magic Johnson, food entrepreneur Michelle Hoskins, broadcast personality Cathy Hughes, former Beatrice Foods head Reginald Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, and many more. As Rogers points out, reading about remarkable African American entrepreneurs can inspire readers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

To further that goal and help readers take the plunge, he provides many of the skills, tools and information necessary for business success–success that can help chart a new path to prosperity for all African Americans…..Read more


Secret of the Keeper

Clarion Review (4 Stars)

Secret Of The Keeper by J. Lewis Kyle

Secret Of The Keeper by J. Lewis Kyle

is an allegorical tale that follows the often harrowing journey of Romulus, a lion, and his three companions, an elephant, an owl, and a monkey, as they set out to seek truth and freedom.

Romulus is the newest resident of the Libertad Zoo, and the one most anxious to find a way out. When a storm causes enough damage to allow the animals to escape, it is Romulus who reminds his three friends that freedom is within their grasp. However, the animals have become so accustomed to their captivity that, at first, they cannot imagine another way of life. “Acceptance of her chains had drained her hope,” considers Ariel, the owl. “And hope is the first casualty of bondage.”

Believing it is his destiny to seek out and destroy the Keeper, who rules the land and is responsible for their imprisonment, Romulus is undeterred by the others, who initially scoff at his thoughts of escape and revenge. When Ariel confesses a vision in which all animals are saved by a mysterious “Whoo,” Romulus seizes the opportunity to convince his companions that the journey is not only necessary but also prophesied….Read More


Black Men Do Cry

Black Men Do Cry by: Danny Blanchard

Black Men Do Cry by: Danny Blanchard

From the terrible slave identity to the growing racism, marginalization and criticism in the educational, social, health, family and criminal justice systems, African American males have many reasons to shed their tears.I certainly don’t want any of my readers to think this is a book in which I’m just angry, because I am not. I’m concerned about Black males in America, because there is still a great deal of pain out there

The title of this book speaks for itself.  There has been an  extreme amount of pain in the Black community, especially with males.

I have seen that pain for myself, I’ve experienced it.  It’s something that I had to learn to deal with.

That’s where I’m headed with this book, and I hope my readers will get a clear understanding of what Black males need to do, and how they need to do it….Read More

Danny E. Blanchard, Ph.D.

Well Water by: Danny Blanchard

Well Water by: Danny Blanchard Look for Mr. Blanchard next project Well Water out April 2013




My Jesus! My Lord! Why??? By:Sandra Eubanks

My Jesus! My Lord! Why??? By:Sandra Eubanks

My Jesus! My Lord! Why???  A touching memoir of love. loss and faith.

Pain and suffering are not new to me. God blessed me to be the mother of seven children, one of whom died at birth. The loss of this child was very painful but in time, I got over it. My God has given us His word that He will always be with us and never forsake us. No mater what challenge I have faced in life, I have to learned to put my faith and trust in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After all my children were born and were growing up, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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