June 26, 2016


8.I am available to you Lord!! six words that tells the Master that you are available to Him. And at that moment we have decided to…..“lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, [so that we may] run with endurance the race that is set before us.” Heb. 12:1 (KJV) Running with ankle weights to improve a long distance runners ability to run faster and longer at one time was considered a benefit.

Then, further research showed, running with ankle weights is detrimental to everything that allows perfect movement in one’s hip, thigh and ankle ligaments. Also the same with the weight and sin of this world that takes us down a path that is detrimental to our relationship with God and His free gift of Salvation. My friends, weight and sin in the context of this text is referring to a common attitude that Satan has told us we need more things in our life, which then becomes detrimental to our entry into God’s kingdom.

In addition, it all has to do with Sin and Satan’s desire to sift us like wheat and like Peter “Satan has asked for us, that he may sift us asae3fb18b94efe89ebd597e95ff2aa5f4 wheat.  But Christ has prayed for [us], that our faith should not fail; and when we have returned to [that place in our Life where Christ is leading us we need to, strengthen our brothers and sisters].” Luke 22:31-32 (KJV)

My friends time is running out and God will say at any moment “It is finished.” So we cannot lose sight of Christ saving grace, not even for a moment. And instead on downsizing what is detrimental to our salvation, we have allow Satan “to set our mind on things on this earth, instead of things that are above.” Col. 3:2 (ESV) So as Children of God, before we make any decisions about what we do in life, or obtain, we need to first fall on our knees, and say “I am available to you lord.”

And not just me, but my time, talents and money. In addition, our mission statement must be “I see hearts that have been broken, so many people to be free. Now I’m giving back to you, all the tools you gave to me. My hands, my money, my ears, my voice, my eyes, so you can use them as You please. I have emptied out my cup, so that You can fill it up. Now I’m free, I just want to show someone the way, because my storage is empty, and I am available to you lord.”(Milton Brunson)

maxresdefault“I have emptied out my cup, so you can fill it up.” My friends that says it all because once we have Died to self and emptied it of everything of this world that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, then God’s Spirit Can take full control and use us to God’s Glory and Honor, and the finishing up His work here on earth. And because of the increase of wickedness today, “the love of most has grown cold,” with the world’s only concern is materialism, consumerism, individualism, and apostasy.

And as God’s children, if we have not emptied self  and made ourselves  available to the lord we will fall into that same category. My friends, Satan is a defeated foe, that is what Calvary was all about. But “the greatest tragedy will be” for you and I to realize at Christ appearing, that all we accumulated here on earth could never “compare to eternal life” that we have lost because our availability to the world was more important then our personal relationship with Christ.




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