April 22, 2016

Prince-is-beautiful“Breaking News” The world is mourning the death of someone we call a musical genius, his last concert was a first-ever solo show at Paisley Park, his home compound in suburban Minnesota, it was no simple, straightforward affair. The 57-year-old funk-pop wizard approached the performance as a challenge, an opportunity to prove that he could deliver a full Prince concert, without much of anything we usually expect from one of his shows.

Just, as the show’s official title put it, only his “Piano & a Microphone.” And a lot of Prince. One of his last songs he sung on stage with just his Piano & a Microphone.” And a lot of Prince” was called “Anna Stesia” I went to the Internet in an attempt to find out who was “Anna Stesia” and someone was asking the question “I really don’t get Anna Stesia can someone explain it”?

Well my friends, I would never try to understand a man with a life as complicated as Prince, but what I will give you is my take on His song “Anna Stesia” but not as others who have no hope or say “I really don’t get “Anna Stesia” can someone explain it?” but as a Child of God whose “citizenship is in heaven and eagerly await our Savior’s soon appearing.

My friends, It’s not for me to judge how a man lives his life or how he dies, but the lyrics to Prince’s “Anna Stesia,” I think It gives us just a small546036-79586 portion of what his relationship was with his God. So now it becomes personal, as we decide what the words tells us about our on personal relationship with God; “Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn to love If I was just closer to something’ Closer to your higher self.

I don’t know Closer to heaven (Maybe) closer to God (closer to God) Save me Jesus, I’ve been a fool How could I forget that you are the rule. You are my God, I am Your child. From now on, for you I shall be wild I shall be quick I shall be strong I’ll tell Your story, no matter how long (no matter how… no matter) We’re just a play in Your master plan Now, my Lord I understand (I understand) Love is God, God is love Girls and boys love God above.”

A headline read “Prince gets personal.” Prince Rogers Nelson, “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, grew up a Seventh-day Adventist and then converted to Jehovah witness. But my friends, the church, God, His word and Spirit, Jesus Christ, life, death, religion, hope, faith, grace, love, mercy, the kingdom of God and life eternal should not be completed subjects.

And it seems that Prince Rogers Nelson may have understood that when he stated “We’re just a play in Your master plan Now, my Lord I understand” But the Part in most of our lives that becomes complicated is when we begin to listen to that other voice that has told himself or anyone else that will Prince-playing-piano-jpglisten, “I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” Is. 14:14 (NIV)

And that is when a name change takes place in our lives to the Prodigal Son or daughter. Prodigal meaning a person who spends, his or her time, talents and  money not within God’s plan but on self and the one “who wants “to be like the most high.” My friends, it’s now very personal, because if you take nothing away from Prince Rogers Nelson’s life, take away the fact that you will never sorrow as those who have no hope.

Or say in your heart “I really don’t get “Anna Stesia,” remember my friends, the name of the song is not the lesson we should learn from the song, but the words that say, “I’ll tell Your story,” “Now, my Lord I understand (I understand) Love is God, God is love Girls and boys love God above”


  1. Benjamin Goodine says:

    Truth my friend! Sad, but true.

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