April 21, 2015

time-for-God1-300x136Our obsession with productivity is partly a reflection on our beliefs about the American dream, the idea that our potential for happiness is intricately tied to our freedom to pursue wealth. When you consider that 80 percent of the country thinks they will one day become rich, when in reality less than 10 percent will, it makes sense that many people live life like a race.

We’re competing to beat the odds. We think we must work harder and longer than the majority, squeeze more into our day than other people, if we’re to amass a fortune so we can escape the drudgery of work as we know it. That perception turns the present into something to endure instead of something to fully enjoy. (Lori Deschene, Tina Buddha, Simple wisdom for complex lives)

In our day to day encounter with friends and co-workers, when we ask, or they ask us, that oh so familiar salutation, what’s happening, how is your day. The response is always the same,20141220_TAP001_0 which has little to do with what we ask but how busy we are which has become the “default response. “Busy!” “So busy.” “Crazy busy.” “Wish there were more hours in the day.”

Well my busy friends, if we in the 21st century got to have it now society are so busy, is God still relevant? The one who should be the most important asset and treasure in our life, where does He fall into our to do list for today? Maybe we can fit Him into our evening meal and the resent episode of Empire? Or maybe we can squeeze Him in between our morning bagel, orange juice, and the today show which is a must watch before we head out to work?

17_her-precious-perfumeThe problem we have in today’s society is that we have reduced the One who created Man and woman after His own image, to a as needed support figure, which we usually call upon in our emergency situations; death, health issues. Child rebellion, marriage, and the list continues. But we have not made God the focal point of our everyday lives. We have reduced Him to a 911 call that doesn’t require going through our cell phones to reach.

”As Mary’s tears of love flowed down her cheeks mixing with the fragrance of Love and gratitude of our Savior, she stoops to wipe the feet of the master, Her thoughts were only “I can’t forget the way life used to be when I was a prisoner to the sin that had me bound, I was lost in sin far from the peaceful shore. Then one day Jesus came to me and healed my soul with the wonder of His touch and I have never been the same.

And  I’m giving back to Him All the praise He is worthy of. Unlike Mary, have we forgot so easily what life had become before Christ abiding love s061came into our busy lives? Before we had acquired so much of the material things of this world? Each week as we sit in our pews at our churches, and fill the presence of God’s Spirit impressing upon us to give it all to the Master.

The god of this world waits for service to end and then reminds us what a hectic schedule we have this week. In addition, once we get home and our minds begin to focus on the things of this world we lose sight of Calvary and what God’s will for our life in this short probationary period we have here on this earth between life and death.

Remember my Friends, when each of us stand’s before God the only thing that will matter will be what was our Relationships with Christ, while we were here on this earth. And as Christians we can never lose our focus on where Christ is leading us as we Study his Word, and seek His Spirit. And if that remains our focus, Eternity, and Gods pure and holy kingdom will soon be ours, but are we to busy to make it relevant.


So friends stay focused, remain faithful, love one another and endure till the end and never forget to STUDY&PRAY


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