Sep. 25, 2017


It is not the perfect life that prepares us for the kingdom of God. On the contrary, it is the constraints and contentions, the mountains and valleys of despair and hope that advances us on our Christian journey as we continue to yield to God’s will without our own personal agenda from what we may Mark-11.23-300x224[1]think is appropriate for where God is trying to lead us.

For the only choice that has any meaning in a child of God’s life is the choice that we have made to serve God “as we walk cheerfully each day on the path in which, Grace, love, mercy, humility, faith, endurance, and God’s Providence leads.” Because, each morning God’s blessings are renewed while at the same time our commitment to serve must also be renewed daily.

I can only imagine the woman who had a chronic disability of a blood disorder for twelve years had just about given up because “she had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she [only] grew worse.” Mark 5:26 (NIV) I am sure she was self-conscious about her condition so she stayed to herself and in the house most days.

Consistent with this, most likely she was a young woman or in her late teens because Christ called her “daughter.” She had probably herd her family thand friends speak of a man from Galilee who brings sight to the blind, cast out demons and could even calm the raging sea. If only for a moment, I could be in His presence.

And then the day came and she heard Christ would be in the area. Today she would take a chance and go out into the public, today she knew her prayers would be answered because her Faith would make it happen, yes I will be healed she told herself. And then her heart sank with disappointment when she saw the great crowd that thronged about Christ. She was so close, but yet so far away. “If I could only touched his garment, I know I would be healed.”

But that meant crawling on the disgusting filth and debris on the ground. But I must allow my faith and hope to be extended, if need be, “only to touch the hem of His garment.” My friends, sometimes that defines our life “the disgusting filth” and debris that lies within our heart that has accumulated throughout our life. But today, it is not a physical journey we must take to get to Christ.

But, “If we declare with our mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, we will be [healed spiritually].” Rom bible-with-light10:9 (NIV) My friends, it’s only through our faith and endurance that will allow us to overcome any and all situations and circumstances in our life that are not in accordance to God’s Providence and the direction He is leading. So, that makes it a mental and spiritual challenge.

That’s why the power from within to make decisions in our life based on Gods will for our life can only come from His Spirit and word that gives us the passion and desire to do God’s will and to have that personal relationship that tells Him daily, “I will never leave nor forsake” the plans You have  made for my life. Plans that gives each of us a future and hope that will last throughout eternity.



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